Elevating The Way You Do Infrastructure

Ascension offers a best-in-class model for infrastructure development that makes building complex networks more effective and efficient. We believe in innovation through standardization and integration; it's The Ascension Way.

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    Why Ascension?

    Infrastructure Projects Have A Problem

    • Programs have seen minimal change or improvement in the last 30 years
    • Margins are low and contractors bear the risk
    • Sophisticated procurement organizations with teams of resources work under bonus criteria to push rates as low as possible
    • There’s never enough time, resources or focus on the upfront planning and evaluation
    • Non-digital systems with a lack of integration create chaos and complexity
    • Permit & Regulatory complexity is consistently underestimated
    • Process environments are chaotic and workflows are mostly standalone
    • Rework and inefficiencies prevail

    About Ascension

    Fully Vertically And Horizontally Integrated Program Deployment

    As long-time infrastructure deployment professionals, we understand the layers of complexity and responsibility that every build faces. We know that when things become fragmented it often costs time and money.

    Ascension was created to standardize and streamline the way projects are built—from beginning to end. Our model emphasizes the importance of early-stage feasibility to reduce total cost, leverages GIS tools and real-time reporting to boost buildout accuracy, and integrates inputs, outputs, and cycle times into one digitized workflow.

    Integrated Delivery

    Standard Architecture

    Different products and architectures create chaos—we moved the needle from 80% custom to 80% standard to create a repeatable model that’s standardized for training, operations, construction, and deployment. Supply chain integration lets us make things faster, cheaper, and better.

    How It Works

    Your End-to-End Development Game Plan

    Taking the time upfront can save you significantly down the line. And, not only that, a proven plan is a repeatable plan. Where many may scramble for speedy deployments, we use a strategic approach that integrates everyone within one playbook designed to win more work.

    01. Analytics and Feasibility

    Conduct financial modelling to inform a preliminary budget and establish network constructability.

    02. GIS

    Interpret and integrate network design into GIS-enabled digital workflow to assign fieldwork and track as-builts.

    03. Construction

    Track progress in real-time from the dashboard and use the information to optimize material use and cost control.

    04. System of Record

    Use the fiber map to document splice configurations and to assign and manage fieldwork on the fly.

    05. OSS / BSS

    Integrate Ascension’s construction program with third-party operations and business intelligence platforms.

    Benefits of Ascension

    Lower Total Cost with Value-Add Checkpoints

    Viewing network development as an investment emphasizes the importance of cost and time certainty. Our team of network deployment professionals understand this and have implemented checkpoints to ensure efficiency.

    • World-class end-to-end systems and delivery processes
    • Elimination and reduction of O/H costs (repeatable)
    • Speed to market
    • Enhanced scalability and resource assurance
    • Reduced risk and complexity
    • Digitized records at completion
    • Current and updated visibility of total cost vs unit cost
    • Advanced program management and KPI dashboards (realtime)

    Team Members

    The Best In The Business

    At the rate infrastructure investment is sweeping across North America, it’s never been more important for owners and builders to be aligned. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest and best industry players to successfully reduce overall infrastructure budgets through enhanced planning and fully-integrated processes.

    Our Executive
    Leadership Team

    Dean Coons

    President & CEO

    James Bleak


    David Seematter


    Joe Grech


    Our Team

    A Proven Team Of Industry Professionals

    Jon Owen

    As Ascension’s systems design lead, Jon draws from his 20 years in engineering, construction, and technology to guide the Company’s strategic vision and development of foundational principles. A founding partner of Utillis Engineering (now TEP Fiber), Jon’s executive experience has helped to establish important corporate partnerships.

    Becky Rafnkelsson

    With 20 years of experience in telecommunications, Becky’s in-depth knowledge of operations and project management informs Ascension’s fully-integrated and digitized approach. Becky’s tenure as an executive with AFL enables her to connect with strategic partners on new ways to increase efficiency and transparency.

    Chris McLean

    Chris is a technology and operations management professional with 15 years experience consulting on complex, large-scale initiatives. He’s successfully consulted a number of large firms in multiple industries in the areas of process improvement, capacity planning, and deployment strategy. Chris plays a vital role in overseeing the end-to-end process for Ascension’s partners, and ensuring the flexibility and scalability of systems and processes.